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Integrated Material Handling Systems

Since 1980, Kuecker Logistics Group, Inc. (KLG) has specialized in providing innovative solutions to suit our clients' needs for integrated material handling systems.

KLG's experience is founded on the right combination of people and equipment. We offer the most technologically advanced product lines to provide the best in performance, quality and safety.

In addition, we pride ourselves on establishing a close relationship with our clients. KLG as a company makes a commitment to honor our promises, fulfill our customers' requests, finish the job on time and offer continued professional support.

People are KLG's greatest asset - our employees and our customers. We believe good people working toward a common goal can not only meet but also exceed all expectations.

We aim to be the best at serving out customers' needs and keep their interests foremost in our efforts.

We achieve those goals only if we meet the needs of our own people. To our customers and our people we pledge continuous improvement and commit to being the best at what we do.

In short;

People are the cornerstone of our success!

Stanley J. Kuecker

Who We Are:  Kuecker Logistics Group is a proven leader in Innovative Integrated Material Handling Systems. A Family owned company building on the foundation of its people.

What We Provide:  Effective, productive, efficient and financially responsible Integrated Material Handling Systems.

For Whom:  Our client companies range from the smallest of operations to multi-faceted conglomerates, all with unique set of requirements.

Our Competition:  Similar sized competitors without similar experience or capabilities and larger competitors who can't offer responsiveness and attention of a smaller family owned business.

Why We Are Different:  Experienced people who are part of a company that is big enough to handle the job but small enough to care about how it gets done.

What This Means:  Superior service, pricing, and after the sale support so they will continue as our customer.

We offer only the most technologically advanced equipment that meets the highest standards of performance, quality and safety. Our pre-engineered products come from many of the best manufacturers and, if necessary, additional equipment can be custom fabricated to meet the job requirements. We provide operational analysis, system engineering, system installation, project management, training, start-up assistance and ongoing support. Our team will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

  • Operational Analysis
  • System Engineering & Design
  • Detailed Proposals
  • Professional Project Implementation
  • Ongoing Support

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Technology Center

Kuecker Logistics Group is one of the only integrators in the country to have a Technology Center of their own, and maybe the only one with a site this extensive.
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Modula Lift, the next generation vertical storage system from System Logistics, is the ideal solution for increasing storage capacity, improving picking accuracy, improving picking efficiency and creating a more ergonomic picking environment.
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KLG designed a completely automated distribution center for one of the largest beef producers in the world. The project was a turnkey system from the beginning, including simulation prior to integration."
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