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Industrial Automation Solutions For Over 30 Years

Automated Picking Solutions

Industrial Automation Solutions For Over 30 Years

Is your operation running at its full potential? Our industrial automation solutions and picking logistics systems improve efficiency, accuracy and ergonomics. We'd like to introduce an exciting industrial automation solution: an automated picking solution customized to your specific needs.

Creativity and proper application is the key to batch picking and automated picking solutions. At Kuecker Logistics Group, we are experts at implementing many industrial automation solutions like pick-to-light distro lines, batch picking systems, or pick-to-voice. Our experience truly shines, however, in those unique situations that force us to think outside of the picking logistics box.

In addition to offering those standard picking solutions for industrial automation, KLG has been a leader in innovation using put carousels, put to light monitors, light directed batch carts and other unique solutions for our clients.

Automated Picking Solutions & Picking Logistics

If you are looking for the perfect, customized industrial automated solutions, call Kuecker Logistics Group today at (816) 348-3100!

Goods to Person AS/RS: Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Kuecker provides automated solutions for storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) as part of integrated solution concepts that apply the right mix of automation, software and labor for optimized productivity and throughput capacity for each operation’s unique requirements.

AS/RS Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems
AS/RS Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Horizontal Carousels

These horizontal carousels, crafted from rugged structural steel, are the most durable in the industry. These industrial automation carousels are built for long-term reliability under the most intense duty cycles and heaviest applications. Learn more about horizontal carousel automated picking solutions.

Kuecker Logistics Horizontal Carousels

Vertical Carousels

You will find that our leading edge vertical carousel storage and retrieval system is the perfect industrial automation picking solution when it comes to maximizing space utilization, productivity and efficiency in all types of applications. Learn more about vertical carousel automated picking solutions.

Kuecker Logistics Vertical Carousels


This paperless order fulfillment system utilizes pick-to-light, put-to-light, automated sortation, A-Frame, barcode, voice recognition and RF terminal technologies. If you’re looking for a custom designed order fulfillment system that meets your existing industrial automation needs while offering flexibility for the future, we provide a vast array of order fulfillment solutions and picking logistics systems. Learn more about pick-to-light automated picking solutions.

Kuecker Logistics Pick to Light Systems

Voice Pick

The only packaged software solution in the industry that implements the combination of voice applications, toolset and enterprise voice architecture to deliver the highest degree of control and flexibility. Learn more about voice pick automated picking solutions.

Kuecker Logistics Voxware Voice Picking Systems

Lighted Batch Carts

Custom Pick-To-Light / Mobile Batch Cart systems developed by Kuecker Logistics offer a wide range of benefits. The possibilities for cart design are endless and we are happy to work with you in determining the perfect batch picking solution for your unique operation. Learn more about lighted batch cart automated picking solutions.

Kuecker Logistics Mobile Light Directed Batch Cart System

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