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KLG is a systems "integrator" with experience in all types of AS/RS.

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

 Do you think that an Automated Storage & Retrieval System is the right solution to meet all of the needs of your company? The first thing that most companies do when they think about implementing an automated storage and retrieval system is call an AS/RS manufacturer. There are many AS/RS manufacturers to choose from but each manufacturer has different specialties and technologies that they truly excel at.

You will find that some of the manufactures specialize in high speed systems, others in maximizing vertical space, some are better at mini-load systems while others are better at unit load systems. It is possible that a crane based solution is not going to be the right type of AS/RS to meet your needs and a carousel with an inserter extractor is. Maybe a unit load with high density depth capabilities would be the tipping point that makes an AS/RS justifiable for your operation.

Choosing the right Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Rather than selecting a manufacturer who is only going to recommend the best solution that “they” can provide you with, why not go to a systems integrator with experience in all types of AS/RS who has access to many of the best products on the market and all types of AS/RS? This is just one of the advantages that you will benefit from when choosing Kuecker Logistics Group to assist you in the implementation of an automated storage and retrieval system that is custom designed to meet all of your specific and unique requirements.

Automated Storage & Retrieval

  • Unit Load Stacker Cranes
  • Mini Load Cranes
  • Vertical Lift Sequencer (VLS)
  • Carousels with Inserter Extractors
  • Shuttle Systems
  • Goods to man systems
  • Opex Perfect Pick

If you are looking for the perfect customized automated storage and retrieval solution to meet your unique needs, contact Kuecker Logistics Group today at (816) 348-3100.

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