Experience: Case Studies

State-of-the-art capability studies and demonstrations

Financial & Insurance Institution

This major insurance company ships promotional and printed materials to their agents and brokers. Under a corporate directive to increase service levels, the Materials Management Department looked for ways to reduce order turnaround time. KLG assisted this client in an analysis of their Materials Management Department and subsequently provided a new order picking and shipping system allowing this client to ship most orders (many with print-on demand materials) the next day.

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In their corporate initiative to decrease costs and increase service levels, this client transitioned much of their printed material inventory to print on demand. The order picking system was designed to handle this dynamic workflow. New orders are sent to the print shop and are printed overnight. Printed materials are placed on the conveyor and are conveyed to the carousels to be put away. When all materials are in stock for orders, they are released to be picked. Orders are initiated at the carousels, and then passed to a bulk station where any bulk picks are placed in the order tote. A label on the tote directs the tote to bulk consolidation, office pick-up, fulfillment (kitting), or shipping. Previously, agent and broker orders were shipped once per week, most orders are now shipped the next business day, and inventory costs have been substantially reduced.

Concerns about mail contamination and the need for records storage led this client to build a remote facility to handle inbound mail, document scan, and record storage. KLG was selected as the supplier of the storage and handling systems in this new facility and worked closely with the client to develop the best solutions. A three level storage system provides over 15 lineal miles of shelf space for individual records and provides archive storage for over 65,000 boxes. The inbound mail conveyor system delivers mail trays to operators in an office environment for processing. The 24 volt conveyor is quiet, safe and only operates when product is present on the conveyor. Conveyor also delivers the mail to the document scan room where all inbound documents are scanned.

KLG worked hand-in-hand with the client on both of these projects, helping the client build safe and efficient operations.