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Kuecker Logistics Group's propietary KeyChain WCS

Warehouse Control & Execution Software

The Warehouse Control/Execution Software (WCS/WES) is the distribution system for communications between the Warehouse Management System (WMS) or the Enterprise Resource Planning and the automated warehouse material handling devices.

KeyChain Warehouse Control Software & Execution Software Benefits

Kuecker Logistics Group's propietary KeyChain WCS uses a simple, but time-tested approach to find the solution your distribution center (DC) needs. We'll work with you to understand your requirements and needs, and implement our WCS. We provide complete distribution system training to you and your team, and even offer 24/7 support.

How do our Warehouse Control Software and Execution Software solutions benefit our partner businesses? Here's a list of the benefits of a Warehouse Control System.

  • Provides an interface to an upper level warehouse management system where it exchanges data required to manage the distribution centers daily operations.
  • Allows operations personnel to maintain the equipment in peak performance through the collection of statistical data on the systems operational performance.
  • Provides real-time directives to material handling equipment controllers and operators that are required to complete the product routing and order fulfillment requirements.
  • Allows cartons to be dynamically assigned to divert locations based on routing/order information received from the Host or configured sortation algorithms.
  • Adds the benefits of accessing a graphical user interface on operational screens that functions to make control and management of the distribution warehouse a simple process.
  • Allocates tasks to the various material handling subsystems as a means of balancing system activities in order to complete the required workload.

KeyChain: Intelligent, Configurable Control for Distribution Centers

The warehouse control system solutions provided by Kuecker Logistics Group have been implemented in hundreds of distribution centers across the entire nation. When designing a complete supply chain management solution, material handling automation technologies are going to be a critical component.

Our well-staffed team of design experts, engineering professionals and problem solvers will work closely with your company in order to develop a customized warehouse control system solution that is guaranteed to optimize the many unique aspects of your warehouse and distribution process.

KeyChain offers unparalleled efficiency and transparency for your DC with deliverables such as:

  • Redundant server hardware.
  • SQL server report building with KeyReport report building tools. 
  • Microsoft SQL server database with KeySQL statement building tools and the ability to export data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Fastgraph graphical displays with KeyDisplay HMI graphics tool.
  • A configurable communication interface with KeyComm interface building tools.

Warehouse Control and Execution Software

If you're interested in upping the pace of you business, you can't afford to ignore the importance of a high-qualtiy warehouse control solution and distribution system. Our team has the skills, knowledge and training to get you the warehouse control solution you need to succeed in business. If you are looking for the best warehouse control software to meet the unique requirements of your company, contact Kuecker LogisticsGroup today at (816) 666-8404.

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