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Intelligent, configurable control for distribution centers

KeyChain WCS: Intelligent, Configurable Control for Distribution Centers

KeyChain is a proprietary warehouse control system (WCS) developed by kuecker Logistics Group.

The WCS is the bridge for communications between the warehouse management system (WMS) and the automated warehouse material handling devices such as conveyors and picking modules.KeyChain WCS

Your DC needs the most advanced and efficient WCS to keep up with today's industry standards and demand. KeyChain offers the following advantages and benefits:

  • KeyChain is 100 percent configurable, allowing you to use only the modules your facility needs.
  • It features multi-level user security so your valuable data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
  • An HMI display that depicts detailed equipment status, allowing you to pinpoint and correct problems before they result in costly delays or downtime.
  • An excellent system response time, which means that your orders get out the door faster.
  • Extensive logging of historical data: you need to know about the past to plan for the future.
  • Fully customized Microsoft SQL server reports, which means that you can see and analyze only the data that applies to your DC and your team.

KeyChain WCS

With KeyChain, your warehouse can become a powerhouse of efficiency and productivity.

With the KeyChain WCS, you will be able to keep your team on task and minimize downtime with these features:

  • Provides an interface to an upper level WMS where it exchanges the data required to manage the distribution center's daily operations.
  • Provides real-time directives to material handling equipment controllers and operators that are required to complete the product routing and order fulfillment requirements.
  • Allows cartons to be dynamically assigned to divert locations based on routing/order information received from the host or configured sortation algorithms.
  • Allows operations personnel to maintain the equipment in peak performance through the collection of statistical data on the system's operational performance.
  • Adds the benefits of accessing a graphical user interface on operationsl screens that functions to make control and management of the DC a simple process.
  • Allocates tasks to the various material handling subsystems as a means of balancing system activities in order to complete the required workload.

Comprehensive WCS with Kuecker Logistics Group's Unrivaled Customer Service

KeyChain uses a simple and time-tested approach to assess your DC's needs and offer solutions. We'll work with you hand in hand to determine your requirements and implement our WCS. We provide thorough training to you and your team, and offer 24/7 technical support.

Our technical support team is committed to serving you with:

  • On-site & remote support.
  • Emergency troubleshooting for your WCS.
  • On-call support during your peak operation times.

We've invested the time and energy in our Technology Center to pass on the benefits to you.

Our Technology Center uses the same latest generation equipment as you DC, so when we implement KeyChain for you, we've done the legwork to know the ins and outs of your system. Our Technology Center features:

Kuecker Logistics Group Technology Center

Our Turn-Key approach allows us to create the systems you need to keep up with customer supply chain demands.

Because we use the equipment and software we develop, you get the advantage of our inside knowledge. KeyChain can help maximize shipping and order selection efficiency by streamlining the process.


What We Develop For You

Kuecker Logistics Group is committed to providing your DC with the best equipment, software and technical support so that you can focus on meeting your customers' expectations.

KLG's KeyChain WCS is the tool that brings it all together. Our expert team is skilled in developing the tools and features your warehouse needs to keep up with its workload, such as:

  • Shipping systems: in-motion scales, print & apply. Interfaces to UPS & Fed Ex.
  • PLC conveyor control systems.
  • AS/RS systems: mini loads, carousels, unit loads, and shuttles.
  • HMI graphics.
  • E-commerce fulfillment systems.
  • WIP buffering systems.
  • Putwall systems.
  • E-commerce PickDuction system.
  • Waveless systems.
  • Vertical lift sequencers (VLSs) - case buffering and management.

 KeyChain WCS

KeyChain WCS

KeyChain WCS

  • Proprietary system solutions for your DC control needs.
  • Comprehensive WCS coupled with KLG's unrivaled customer service.
  • Technology verified and tested in our Technology Center before deployment.
  • Equipment and Software developed to move your distribution center (DC) to the forefront of technology and customer fulfillment.

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