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The next generation vertical storage system

Modula Lift Vertical Storage System

Modula Lift, the next generation vertical storage solution from System Logistics is the ideal solution for any warehouse’s storage needs. The Lift is a fully automatic vertical storage system providing increased storage capacity, improved picking accuracy and more ergonomic product handling for every product type in many different work environments. The Lift optimizes the available floor space within a facility, by utilizing the ceiling height available.

Innovative Vertical Storage System Solutions

The Modula Lift is a breakthrough of evolution from the previous vertical storage system model and is able to store and pick items, components, semi-finished and finished products of any type, thanks in part to the unit’s storage capacity (132,000 Lbs. net load capacity and the ability to consolidate over 9,000 Square Feet of static storage into a unit footprint of only 158 Square Feet). The Modula Lift storage solution has been designed to have a modern and attractive appearance, while having a robust frame structure composed of steel load bearing profiles, fully welded and reinforced storage trays and modular exterior steel cladding panels all produced using fully automated production processes.

The Modula Lift’s structure provides storage solutions with steel reinforced trays that are picked and deposited to picking bays by an automatic lift platform. The unit’s functions are completely managed by an innovative hardware and software system integrated into the unit’s controller, allowing users to easily manage and perform fast and efficient vertical storage system operations.

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