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New Products

New Product: Modula Lift Vertical Storage System

Modula Lift, the next generation vertical storage system from System Logistics is the ideal solution for any warehouse’s storage needs. The Lift is a fully automatic vertical storage system providing increased storage capacity, improved picking accuracy and more ergonomic product handling for every product type in many different work environments. The Lift optimizes the available floor space within a facility, by utilizing the ceiling height available.

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Modula Lift Vertical Storage System

New Product: Automated Guided Vehicles

Imagine machines with the power of three-dimensional perception, visually mapping their environment and operating alongside people in our world. This revolutionary technology has the power to change the way people and machines work together every day.

Engineered with state-of-the-art Seegrid Vision, industrial trucks are transformed into the next generation of AGVs: vision guided vehicles (VGVs).

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Automated Guided Vehicle