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The right palletizing system that meets your requirements

Palletizing Solutions

At Kuecker Logistics Group, we can provide your company with the right palletizing equipment and palletizing solutions that meets the specific requirements of your project. Whether you are in need of one of the fastest and most durable models in the industry or a unique robotic application, we have the right palletizing system for your operations.

Our services don’t have to stop there, though. As an expert integrator of palletizing equipment, conveyor systems, AS/RS and multiple material handling solutions, many times the palletizer is simply one facet of the entire project scope that we provide. Our team analyzes your businesses needs and creates a palletizing solution that can make it run more smoothly.

Flexible Palletizing Solutions

Alvey Palletizing Solutions

Alvey provides industry leading palletizing solutions. Many of these palletizers have been running non-stop 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for over 30 years. The package handling and pattern forming flexibility that they offer simply can’t be beat.

  • Most popular palletizing machine on the market

  • Gentle product handling to reduce the risk of damages

  • Proven performance that you can trust from the company that invented in-line palletizing
  • Heavy-duty one-piece tube frame built with premium quality components
Flexibility that can adapt to your unique specifications

Robotic Palletizing Solutions

If you’re looking for a flexible and high-speed solution for in-line palletizing, our robotic palletizing solution uses one or more robotic arms for a precise and repeatable pattern.

  • Robotic solution that is perfect for smaller packages and complex patterns
  • Speeds that exceed 100 cases per minute depending on pattern and product
  • Robotic solution that can be easily reconfigured for any type of product
  • Accommodates products with minimal secondary packaging without compromising the integrity of the finished product
  • Features a convenient drag and drop new pattern creation

Innovative Palletizing System Solutions

The success of your business depends on the reliability and ease of use of your palletizing system. Our team can help you to select a palletizing system that meets your needs. If you are looking for the perfect in-line palletizing solutions or robotic palletizing solutions to meet the unique requirements of your project, contact Kuecker Logistics Group today at (816) 348-3100.

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