Products & Services: Conveyor & Sortation Systems

We are proud to work with the best brands in the industry.

Conveyor & Sortation Systems

We are proud to work with the best conveyor system manufacturers in the industry to provide you with the perfect solution for your unique requirements. Our job is finding the right sortation and conveyor systems solutions for your business.

Why go to a conveyor systems manufacturer who will only recommend their equipment? All manufacturers are better at some things than others. KLG can recommend the perfect overall solution that is composed, especially for you, of the right products from the right manufacturers for your specific needs.

Sortation Systems & Conveyor Systems

Sliding Shoe Sorters

Sliding shoe sorters engineered to meet the unique requirements of your company and provides quiet, gentle and accurate sortation at the highest throughput rates in the industry. Learn more about sliding shoe sorters.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Intelligrated Sliding Shoe Sorters

Narrow Belt Sorters

Employing a series of narrow belts, this simple innovative design reduces operational costs and energy consumption while offering increased sort reliability. Learn more about narrow belt sorters.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Enarco Narrow Belt Sorters

Tilt Tray Sorters

Single and double tray tilt-tray sortation systems capable of sorting a wide variety of items from both conventional and irregular-shaped, ultra-light products to heavier packages, bags, cartons or apparel. Learn more about tilt tray sorters.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Crisplant Tilt Tray Sorters

Cross Belt Sorters

Low-noise, low-maintenance, multi or single-cell cross-belt sortation systems designed to convey and sort fragile or high-friction items. Learn more about cross belt sorters.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Crisplant Cross-Belt Sorters

High Speed Arm Sorters

The High Speed Flat Face Arm Sorter strategically spaces and moves items onto the sortation conveyor and is often implemented as an essential sortation component in conveyor systems. Learn more about high speed arm sorters.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Automation Arm Sorters

Spiral Belt Conveyors

A simple, yet robust, space-saving configuration that offers a perfect solution to common issues associated with differences in height. Learn more about spiral belt conveyor systems.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Spiralveyor Spiral Conveyors

Spiral Chute

Constructed with standard fiberglass 90° modules with an exit scoop, these chutes help control the descending speed of items and ensure that they are lowered gently and safely. Learn more about spiral chute conveyor systems.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Chutemaster Spiral Chutes

Accumulation Conveyor

Designed for quiet product flow and optimized throughput in accumulation lines while reducing the risk of damage to transported items. Learn more about accumulation conveyor systems.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Accumulation Conveyor

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

A perfect conveyor system solution for issues related to mezzanine, through-floor, inside and outside applications. Learn more about vertical reciprocating conveyor systems.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - pFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Lineshaft Conveyor

One of the safest, cleanest, quietest, most versatile and cost-efficient conveyor systems available to the material handling industry. Learn more about lineshaft conveyor systems.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - XenoROL Lineshaft Conveyor

Belt Curves

High speed capabilities and low noise operations custom designed for your specific application. Learn more about belt curves.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Portec Belt Curves

Pallet Conveyor

A full line of pallet conveying equipment, designed to handle a wide range of load configurations, as well as custom designs to suit your unique application. Learn more about pallet conveyor systems.

Kuecker Conveyor Systems - Pallet Conveyor Systems

If you are looking for the perfect sortation systems and conveyor solutions to meet your unique needs, contact Kuecker Logistics Group today at (816) 348-3100. We work with the best conveyor system manufacturers in the business.

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