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4 Tips for Increasing DC Productivity

Date: Mon, Aug 10th, 2015 12:00:00 am

Making sure your warehouse runs smoothly and effectively depends entirely on your people. Even with the best automation in the world, not having the right standard operating procedures and the right employees to carry them out, your DC will under perform every time. Use the following tips to make sure your DC is as productive as it can be.

1. Effective Communication Is Key

Communicating clearly to your workers about your organizational goals and the processes to make them happen is paramount to having effective operations. Managers who fail to create an environment with open and clear communication suffer when their people fail to perform up to expectations that aren't expressed. 

2. Educate Leadership

Your leaders need to ask the right questions, gather the necessary information, take appropriate corrective action and make good decisions. Making sure they know the what, when, why and how will make your job easier and more efficient. 

3. Train Your New Associates

The traditional method of throwing new hires to the wolves is effective for nobody. New associates want to impress, and having them sink or swim sets them up for failure right of the bat. Creating a robust training program that allows them to test their performance before they're "all in" will boost their confidence and make them more productive in the long run. 

4. Get Your People Involved

The people who actually do the work every day  are experts in the processes that get the job done quickly, efficiently and without wasting time. If your managers and staff are committed to shared responsibilty, partnership and customer satisfaction rather than an "us vs. them" attitude, your DC will be as productive as possible and your customers will be satisfied.

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