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Five Common Logistics Management Mistakes to Avoid

Date: Tue, Nov 18th, 2014 12:00:00 am

Today's customers don't just want excellent products. They want excellent products delivered to their door quickly and affordably. This often leaves logistics companies scrambling, which in turn translates into costly errors. Is your logistics management company throwing money away? You are if you are still making any of these five costly mistakes.

Avoid These Logistics Management Errors

1. Neglecting to Track Data

Logistics management can be a numbers game, and if you aren't tracking your numbers, you are likely to fall behind. Not only should you track costs and expenses, but you should track inventory and shipping times as well. 

2. Failing to Communicate Across Locations

One of the last things you want as a logistics management company is for a package to get lost in transit. Avoid this by making sure you have excellent communication between all locations and companies involved in the shipping process. If a customer wants a status update on their package, you should be able to get one quickly.

3. Not Listening to Customer Feedback

You may think you know where your logistics management company excels and falls short, but your customers will tell you the real answer. Get feedback as regularly as possible, and then use that feedback to make positive changes for your company

4. Not Gathering Accurate Estimates

While exact numbers may not always be possible in logistics management, every time you estimate, you make a small error that can turn into a large error over time. Avoid estimating as much as possible. Use your past data to gather reliable data, and continue to monitor your data regularly to make sure your estimates are spot on.

5. Failing to Automate

Automating provides so many benefits in the field of logistics management that any company that does not automate at least some of their processes is being downright foolish. While you may not want to automate your customer service, sending bills, printing labels and calculating inventory can all be automated, saving you and your customers time and money.

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