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How KLG's Industrial Automation Solutions Can Help Your Warehouse

Date: Tue, Mar 3rd, 2015 12:00:00 am

Kuecker Logistics Group has creative solutions that cater to the needs of several industries, such as Life Sciences and Book Distribution. KLG's Beverage Solutions Group has created BeerWare WM and BeerWare WC Industrial Automation Solutions, which optimize productivity and management capabilities. 

BeerWare WM and BeerWare WC Industrial Automation Solutions promote increases in warehouse efficiency, which yield future growth and profits for your warehouse.

KLG's Industrial Automation Solutions have several ways with which to increase efficiency: 

-Integrated Inventory Control

This increases inventory accuracy by creating audit trails that document who, what, when, and where products are received, shipped, or moved. This innovative inventory control system allows you to check the status of a product by lot or order number. Keeping detailed track of your inventory has never been easier.

-Labor Management 

Labor management is optimized through the Warehouse Management System. KLG's labor management system allows you to increase worker productivity using your existing workforce because it provides workers with feedback about their individual work habits and performance, and workers are rewarded based on their performance. Providing workers with feedback about their performance promotes development of efficient work habits, and overall, this system helps reduce the rate of employee turnover. 

-Labor Scheduling

KLG's Labor Scheduling Software helps calculate how many employees are needed in different areas at different times. This labor scheduling software can effectively manage hundreds of employees across several shifts, and in multiple areas within the warehouse.

BeerWare WM and BeerWare WC include systems that also optimize:
-Billing Management

-Order Selection

-Quality Control

-Receiving and Support

Let KLG Improve Your Warehouse Environment Today!

At KLG, we provide affordable, quality software support solutions, and we offer 24/7 support for all of our warehouse management system solutions. Contact KLG to get the warehouse management system you need to succeed. 

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