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How Put Walls Can Improve E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Date: Tue, May 24th, 2016 12:00:00 am

Want to improve your e-commerce order fulfillment offerings? The put wall is the solution you've been waiting for. The sortation systems allows you to streamline picking on the front end of your warehouse and fulfill orders at rapid speed on the back end. The way it works is quick and easy.

Put Walls for E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

How Put Walls Work

The warehouse management system works with the warehouse control system to wave orders by a number of factors. Common SKUs, shipping dates, and other business rules help get orders to their destination quickly. The operator in your e-commerce order fulfillment center can grab the inventory for the order without revisiting the storage location more than once.

Why It is So Efficient

Put walls work with existing picking technology making them an affordable and logical solution for your e-commerce order fulfillment center needs. Once the merchandise is picked, the container holding the inventory makes its way on a conveyor belt to the put wall and sorted into orders. This is one of the most efficient e-commerce order fulfillment methods around.

Advantages of Using Put Walls in Your E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Center

The list of advantages that put walls offer is long. In addition to minimizing fulfillment time, they also offer a safer, more ergonomic work environment for the operator. They don't have to bend to pick orders as often. Put walls are also scalable so you can grow with ease and not lose the technology. They're also paperless which is better for your overhead and the environment.

Put walls make e-commerce order fulfillment operations run smoother. It reduces the amount of labor needed, works with technology you already have, and is an investment you can feel good about. If you haven't yet considered what a put wall can do for you and your warehouse, now is the time to think about getting one and using it today.

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