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Manufacturing Companies Report Supply Chain Complexities are a Top Concern

Date: Wed, Apr 29th, 2015 12:00:00 am

Companies that are in the business of manufacturing have big concerns when it comes to the reliability of their supply chain. The biggest perceived problem relates to the complexity of existing supply chains. Other concerns include the dangers of an attack by hackers while others are worried about growing scrutiny by regulatory commissions.

Read on for more details on supply chain concerns -- and how Kuecker Logistics Group can help.

Supply Chain Complexities Prove Vexing for Manufacturing Companies

Nearly all manufacturing industries are at risk because of their suppliers. Whether the industry is apparel or aerospace, organizations can be brought to a standstill when problems occur. An illustrative case happened in 2011 in the aftermath of the tsunami that caused such devastation in Japan. Factories specializing in automobile manufacturing had difficulty filling quotas for months because a single supplier in Japan was responsible for producing a particular paint pigment. Because of one missing link in the supply chain, manufacturing concerns the world over were behind schedule for months.

Professionals who assess supplier integrity say that while manufacturing concerns tend to look for internal weaknesses, they aren't always forward thinking when it comes to the external links in their supply chain. This leaves them vulnerable and unprepared when things go wrong.

Improving Supply Chain Links

Fortunately, it's possible for companies to take steps toward preserving the links in their supply chain. Looking at past performance can be illuminating, especially when organizations investigate things that went wrong. This may involve looking at what was happening throughout the country where the supplier is located. Political unrest, a natural disaster and other unforeseen circumstances can all contribute to disruptions in the supply chain. By taking such a high level approach, it's possible to look for alternatives and contingencies if such a situation should ever arise again.

Tackle Your Supply Chain Issues Today

Supply chain weaknesses can put any manufacturing interest at risk. By looking for potential disruptions any company can take steps to prevent these problems before they happen. Kuecker Logistics Group can provide consulting services to identify and troubleshoot any problems in your supply chain. From SWOT analyses to full-on integration of new material handling systems or implementation of supply chain processes, we are able to provide end-to-end solutions. 

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