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Promote Safety & Efficiency with Automated Guided Vehicles

Date: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017 12:00:00 am

Automation is already a huge part of manufacturing an processing, now it's an essential part of your warehouse system. Many picking and retrieval systems have already been automated and it doesn't stop there. Automated guided vehicles can help create a more efficient and safe warehouse environment.

What is an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)?

Warehouse management needs solutions that can be easily reprogrammed to be able to undertake new tasks and data. Unmanned aerial vehicles and driverless cars are a couple examples of the type of vehicles. They are guided by laser, wire or environmental measurement to create routes with virtual points. Though these vehicles are automated, they are not autonomous; meaning they do not "think" for themselves. Any data retrieved and stored does not help them to make decisions. 

AGVs are Created for Warehouse Safety

Mnay people might see the rise in automation as a threat to jobs, but that is false. There are plenty of daily tasks that are quite dangerous for a human to perform. AGVs are meant to assist in daily activities by keeping workers safe or involved in more taks that cannot be automated.

Enhanced Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouses with over 20,000 pallets will greatly benefit from AGVs because they cut the entire operational cost of the system. 

For example: A forklift driver only works about six and a half out of an eight hour shift, but an AGV will work the full eight hours. An AGV can work through the night if needed without paying overtime and as an added bonus they won't take vacation or sick days either.

Each unit is singular, so it's operations are flexible but the best use comes when a fleet are programmed into the entire warehouse management system.

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