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Retain and Train Employees By Automating Your Warehouse System

Date: Tue, Jan 24th, 2017 12:00:00 am

In non-automated distribution centers, workers tend to do lots of repetitive and mundane work like constructing shipping boxes, order picking and packing, re-checking the picking and packing, weighing, measuring, and other laborious tasks. This kind of warehouse system burns money and has a higher employee turn-over rate. So how can you retain workers and create a more efficient system? Automate your warehouse and eliminate employee repetition. 

Eliminating Mundane Employee Tasks

Say an employee has the job to stand in the same spot and pack the same objects over and over. The job has no challenge, there is a greater likelihood that this employee will get distracted and lose focus, causing simple errors. A product could be packed in the wrong container or completely ommitted from the order. This kind of mistake will then fall back on you as a manager or owner.

Benefits of Automation for Employee Retention

Currently, there are superior technologies available for automated picking and packing for just about any type of warehousing system whether it is paper packing, beverages, toys, and even food. Automation also allows for greater accuracy of picking, packing, weighing and measuring. Once your employees are freed up from mundane tasks, they can be trained in new skills and technology.

Voice Picking

Voice technology has been shown to engage workers in conversation and keep them directed in doing their tasks by maintaining focus with eyes and ears. This sort of task is also repetitive, but it is engaing as it begins new best practices that workers will incorporate into standard procedures

The goal of automation is not to eliminate employees and having a completely automated system, it is simply about how the proccess can be more effiicient in terms of production and labor costs and gernerating a higher ROI.

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