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Selecting the Right Goods-to-Person Technology for Your Business

Date: Tue, Apr 5th, 2016 12:00:00 am

With every decade comes changes in technology. The right goods to person technology for your business involves careful deliberation. After all, the idea is to make the customer experience as pleasant as possible, right? Goods to person technology has changed how warehouses and distribution centers fulfill orders. You need to consider what is the most cost-effective and efficient for your business. Of the four options you have to choose from, you need to determine which will be the most accurate in fulfilling your customers’ orders.

Picking the Right Goods to Person Technology for Your Warehouse

Pick Quantities

Depending on your operations, you will need a goods to person system that fits your pick quantity needs. An e-commerce operation will have much different pick quantity needs than a general distributor, for example. You should always be aware of pick quantities and desired scalability when selecting your goods to person technology.

Tray Sizes

Your tray sizes may vary or they may be fairly standard; you may need a goods to person system that will be flexible if you choose to change tray sizes in the future. Be sure to keep this element in mind when browsing the available goods to person technologies.

Warehouse Layout & Footprint

The size and layout of your warehouse also has a lot to do with selecting the goods to person system that will work best for you. You need a system that can work with your layout and that also doesn't take up precious floor space if it is a limited commodity. There are goods to person technologies that have built-in storage capabilities, making them an ideal choice for warehouses short on space.

Determining which goods to person technology is best suited for your business takes time but once you have it in place, you’ll benefit from the increase in speed and productivity. Not only will you be able to fulfill orders better than before, you’ll cut down on overhead costs by doing in half the time.

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