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Seven Benefits of Strong Supply Chain Management for Healthcare Organizations

Date: Thu, Nov 20th, 2014 12:00:00 am

Supply chain management isn't just about getting items to their destination in a timely fashion. It is also a method of reducing waste, increasing efficiency and performing at a superior level. It is one behind-the-scenes detail that make all of the visible tasks possible.

While many healthcare organizations prefer to concentrate on more important tasks, such as treating the sick and saving lives, the fact of the matter is that minor details like supply chain management simply cannot be overlooked or neglected. 

According to Bruce Johnson, CEO of GHX, "[Five billion dollars] is lost annually in the implantable device supply chain as a result of waste, inefficiency and lack of visibility." That's a lot of money to simply leave on the table. 

Yes, supply chain management will never be as important as treating the sick and saving lives, but that doesn't mean that it should be overlooked. Proper supply chain management offers healthcare organizations a number of important benefits that they won't want to miss out on. 

Seven Benefits of Strong Supply Chain Management

1. It reduces expenses so more money can be allocated for other tasks. 
2. It ensures that items are shipped in a timely fashion--a detail that is essential when lives are on the line!
3. It ensures that items are shipped to the right locations. 
4. It reduces the risk of security breaches for valuable products, supplies and equipment. 
5. It frees up employees' time for more important tasks. 
6. It significantly reduces waste.
7. It allows for greater automation, which means more efficient and more accurate care.

Clearly supply chain management isn't just a minor detail that can be put off indefinitely until healthcare organizations get around to it. It is the duty of all healthcare organizations to provide their patients with the best, most efficient and affordable care possible, and supply chain management is one very effective and important way of healthcare workers can do so.

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