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The Benefits of Using a Warehouse Management System in Pharmaceuticals

Date: Thu, Feb 26th, 2015 12:00:00 am

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors deal with a lot of potentially dangerous products that need to be managed carefully with particular attention to security. From the completion of the product to storage and shipping out to end consumers, a warehouse management system provides the utmost in high tech inventory control, safe storage and prompt shipping. Companies can track everything remotely and never worry about order fulfillment or rising costs of additional on-site warehouse space or hiring more employees.

What is a Warehouse Management System?

These businesses usually operate multiple convenient locations across the country in order to make inventory management and order processing less expensive and easier for manufacturers and wholesalers of various types of merchandise. Light manufacturing may be included as well.

A shipment of products from the manufacturer is stored at one of the warehouse management system locations. Professional inventory management software automatically tracks orders and quantities using a barcode system, which can be accessed on any remote device or computer back at the office. The warehouse management system also picks and packs merchandise that is ordered by a consumer or retail business. The end result is greater customer satisfaction, less complicated inventory management in the home office and reduced costs overall.

Warehouse Management Systems for Pharmaceuticals

All the benefits of a warehouse management system exist for pharmaceutical companies as well, but medications require additional controls that other merchandise does not. Security needs are greater, and are often handled with high tech RFID and continuous barcode scanning. Each shipment needs to be tracked from the moment it leaves the manufacturer to the time it is shipped out again to the end user. Besides security, pharmaceuticals also need controls in place to be sure that products past their expiration date never shipped to medical centers or consumers. Quality warehouse management systems specially designed for pharmaceuticals, like those from Kuecker, will have all these measures in place.

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