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´╗┐Tips for Keeping Your Material Handling System Cutting Edge

Date: Mon, Mar 30th, 2015 12:00:00 am

For retail distributors, manufacturers, and packers, material handling systems are an imperative, integral tool.

In an ideal world it would be possible to always have the most technologically advanced material handling system. However, this doesn't make practical sense from a budgetary standpoint. Realistically, companies are not able to upgrade their material handling systems constantly. With the right maintenance, sound obsolescence planning, and other life cycle services by Kuecker Logistics Group, costly system revamps aren't necessary.

Here's how to keep your material handling system operating at peak efficiency.

Ensure the Performance of Your Material Handling System With Life Cycle Services

1. Perform Regular Maintenance

Any material handling system is going to need routine repairs due to the wear and tear of regular operations. Scheduled maintenance handles small issues before they become big problems and maximizes efficiency to minimize downtime.

2. Find a Great Technician

A knowledgeable, experienced material handling system technician makes all the difference. Kuecker Logistics Group can provide a team of skilled technicians knowledgeable about material handling systems equipment and technology.

3. Watch for Obsolescence

Technology changes rapidly. What was an advanced material handling system 10 years ago is outmoded today. Manufacturers may no longer produce components for older systems. Accordingly, it may make sense to stock up on some important parts or upgrade individual system components for improved performance. Kuecker's Life Cycle Services experts can conduct obsolescence planning, including providing a list of spare parts, maintenance schedules, and more.

4. Keep Spares on Hand

Speaking of parts, it makes a great deal of sense to keep frequently replaced components on hand at your facility. This reduces downtime and makes it far more likely that your product is going to get out the door on time. Kuecker can source spare parts from leading brands and also provides storage solutions to keep your on-site parts stash organized.

5. Audit the System

In material handling, statistics matter. It is vital to know how many units are produced in an hour, a day, a week and a month. Are those numbers changing? If so, why? Know the numbers connected to your system to determine where changes may be necessary. Kuecker's team utilizes industry productivity standards to measure your system's performance and make suggested adjustments.

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