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What are you doing to position your warehouse for the future?

- Our Warehouse Management System maximizes productivity and increases cost savings and throughput by utilizing task optimization at every step of the warehousing process.

- Our Warehouse Management System integrates inventory control, labor management, labor scheduling, order selection, billing management, receiving and support.

Designed as an integrated or standalone solution, our Warehouse Management System (WMS) maximizes productivity and increases cost savings and throughput by utilizing task optimization at every step of the warehousing process. This Warehouse Management System not only includes the warehouse, but also the yard and production facilities.

Warehouse Management System Software

Inventory Control

Balancing inventory levels is the key to full shelves, happy customers and increased throughput. our Warehouse Management System will track and give you access to all aspects of your inventory so you can properly manage orders and inventory levels.

Our Warehouse Management System allows you to optimize inventory control by providing audit trails of who, what, where and when products are received, shipped or moved to a location. Our Warehouse Management System will also allow you to query the system for the status of any product by lot or order number.

Labor Management Warehouse Systems

While labor is one of the most significant costs of warehouse operations, it is also the most manageable with an inclusive Warehouse Management System. KLG's Labor Management enables you to either increase productivity using the workforce you have or find a new solution for cutting your costs. Employee turnover is significantly reduced with this Warehouse Managment System because workers receive more feedback and are managed in a way that is more conducive to their needs and rewards them for a job well done

Labor Management works by storing your database of standards for every key task. For each associate, the actual times for task completion are monitored in real time and compared to the standards.

Labor Scheduling

How would you like to leverage your Warehouse Management System with highly intelligent Labor Scheduling Software? We are talking software that will compute the number of employees you need in different areas at different times.

Labor Scheduling software is highly intelligent and can manage hundreds (or more) employees among several different shifts in several different areas within the warehouse. This level of forecasting and management will make times of increased demand flow smoother.

Order Selection

Additional system control is provided through the Order Selection feature of KLG's Order selection, sometimes referred to as Order Dashboard, will prepare plans for batch picking or wave picking. It permits selection based on status, lot or order number.

It also allows allocation of products to orders and distinguishes between on-hand inventory and inventory assigned to orders. When inventory is not available, move reports and/or replenishment orders are automatically created.

Quality Control

Look at any business in any industry and you will see an element of Quality Control incorporated into their business standards. There are some industries, like the Food Industry, where even more checks, tests and guidelines must be followed, but every company knows the importance of maintaining a certain level of product and order distribution standards.

Quality Control ensures products are performed in accordance with management directives by SKU, date, time, vendor, etc. This will prevent products from being released if there is a problem. In addition, it provides backtracking if a problem is detected to determine where the problem occurred.

One of the features most taken advantage of by customers is the ability to link quality control to in-line scales. Our Warehouse Control System will use the weight information to determine whether the box/tote is carrying the correct amount of product by comparing the actual weight with what it's average weight should be. Essentially, we're talking about In-line Quality Control.

Billing Management Warehouse Systems

You're now in control of every other aspect of your warehouse, so Billing Management would be the next logical step to a fully organized and well-managed system. With features that include Computer Management groups, User Types and Email Groups, members of any department within your warehouse can be notified of any issues or completions at any time.

Our Billing Management solution will integrate and work with our WCS and other programs to ensure that customers are invoiced in a timely fashion and no profit is left unbilled. Your customers will be happier to receive timely and detailed invoices and your bottom line will be happier when payments roll in.


The Receiving feature of our Warehouse Control System integrates with purchase order documentation and ASN (advance shipping notification). This feature will issue warning notifications to the purchasing department with regard to discrepancies.

This feature improves the communication between departments within the warehouse as well as the purchasing department and consumers if there is a problem with their order. We're talking real time results and a real time ability to contact your customer to solve the problem.

With the Receiving feature in place, you will know what truck is coming when. You will see in other areas of our WCS that this information can then be used to aid in Labor Scheduling and Yard Management.


Our Warehouse Management System provides even more value to our clients. Don't forget the added benefits of Report Generation, replenishment, shipping, slotting and more!


At KLG, we strive to provide high quality software support solutions at a reasonable cost. We recognize that there is a lot more to a computer system than just hardware and software

It's critical to put together all the right pieces: custom and pre-packaged software, reliable operating systems, cost effective equipment, and most of all -- people. We're more than just software developers; we integrate and support complete warehouse management system solutions.

We understand the mission critical nature of your warehouse environment.  We offer 24/7 support on all of our warehouse management system solutions, we know you cannot afford to be down. Get the Warehouse Management Solution you need to succeed.

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